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No Fighting with Titan: Your Partner in Bad Credit Auto Financing

If you’re in Arizona and searching for your dream vehicle, look no further than the Titan Auto Group! They work towards ensuring you get your dream car, and their inventory is filled with reliable vehicles at great prices. (Feel free to browse our current inventory.)

Welcome to Titan Auto! Our featured vehicles comprise family cars, pickup trucks, and daily commute vehicles.

If you have a bad credit status and need an auto loan, we can help finance the whole process as soon as you get in touch.

Titan Auto group

We are also committed to buy here pay here car dealerships in Arizona and serve El Mirage, Mesa, Surprise, Glendale, Phoenix, Avondale, and neighboring places.

Our incredible team handles all customer inquiries professionally, and our previous clients have praised their service

Get in touch during our business hours, and we can help you with all the information you need.

Titan Auto Group – Premium Used Cars in Arizona

What type of car do you need to buy? We have it all in our inventory!

Please browse our inventory for a car that suits your profile. We have quality vehicles in our current inventory; you should check them out.

The Titan Auto Group Bad Credit Auto Loans

Does the Titan Auto Group offer auto loans to persons with bad credit? Yes.

Don’t let bad credit ruin your plans for owning your dream car. We will finance the whole process; you only need a test drive before you can hit the road!

Whether it’s a new or pre-owned vehicle, you can get it all from Titan Auto Group for a low down payment.

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The Titan Auto Group Inventory: Quality Preowned Truck Sales

We take pride in an extensive catalogue of high-quality used cars and pickup trucks. Our current inventory is accessible right at the top of our website.

Titan Auto Group Featured Vehicles

Make sure to check it out.

How To Know You Pre Qualify For an Auto Loan in Titan Auto Group?

Titan Auto Sales has set up a fast and convenient way of applying for pre-qualification for a car loan.

You only have to fill out a few details, and we’ll contact you soon!

Here’s a snippet of the information you need to fill out;

Titan Auto Loan Pre Qualify for Vehicle

After that, you can contact us or come to our shop to test drive your new vehicle. We have a great team that will show you around during business hours.

Get a Quality Used Car From Our Dealership: Certified Quality Used Cars

Titan Auto Sales only deals with quality vehicles. We ensure that certified technicians inspect and pass the cars we sell.

Again, all cars in our shop undergo regular maintenance for routine practices like oil change.

We take great care of everything so our customer benefits from our services.

How Much Down Payment Do I Need to Pay For a Used Car on Titan?

You need to pay a down payment of around $700-$3,000 at Titan Auto Sales for easy auto loan financing.

A huge payment is advised, however, as it eases financing your purchase!

Titan Auto Sales Down Payment

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The Titan Auto Sales team has set reasonable down payment amounts to help customers with struggling credit make payments better.

Again, we only have quality used cars on our lot, and they’re all inspected and relevant maintenance practices performed.

Luxury Vehicle Sales Financing: Titan Auto Group

If you’re around Arizona and are looking to buy a luxury vehicle, the Titan Auto Group has all the options you need!

Luxury Vehicle Sales Financing

Browse our inventory section on our website and select your choice from the available quality vehicles.

We have numerous premium used SUVs, trucks, and pre-owned crossovers lined up at our shop. Contact us during business hours, and you can have a test drive at our dealership.

Schedule a Visit Today!

You can schedule a visit online and meet our team at the dealership.

You’ll need to fill out a form to schedule the visit, which needs to be during business hours. We’re open from Monday to Friday, 9 am-7 pm.

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