Discover Premier Car Dealer in Phoenix for Your Next Ride

Discover Premier Car Dealer in Phoenix for Your Next Ride

If you’re in Phoenix and are looking for a new or used vehicle, the Titan Auto Group is here to help you complete your purchase. Yes, your search is over!

We provide our customers with the best car financing programs and services; you only have to pick a date, place and time, and you can look at the car models we sell.

Yes, that can be done online on our website.

Car Dealer in Phoenix

You will be required to fill out some information, usually questions about the dealership information, personal details, and a little about your home and location.

Signing is also done digitally, streamlining the time and whole process you’d need to qualify for an auto loan in the past.

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New and Used Cars in Phoenix AZ

Whichever model you need support for, we’ll be more than happy to work together to ensure you drive your next vehicle confidently. Our inventory has numerous models, ranging from normal commute cars to SUVs.

If you request a test drive review, our technicians always support you where applicable.

What Type of Vehicles Do We Offer?

Time to check out our inventory for the vehicles that suit your needs. Yes, that can also be done online, on the inventory section on our website’s Home page.

What Type of Vehicles Do We Offer

As you can see, we have vehicles suitable for anyone. If your main focus is on the car’s date of manufacture, then there’s a classification for that.

The Titan Auto Group does not deal with cars manufactured before 2017. We focus on giving you a used car that will be worth the purchase.

Review the qualifications needed for our car deals

We have a good catalog of SUVs that we can sell or lease to interested customers.

How much Down Payment Do I Need to Get a Car Dealer in Phoenix?

Down payment is a crucial part of any car deal finance operation. Besides our dealership’s policy, other factors will certainly come into play when you need to finance your auto loan with a downpayment.

We have a base down payment policy applicable for any vehicle we lease, regardless of the manufacturer or date of manufacture.

You can get a great car deal with a 7% down payment of the total price. We encourage our customers to place a huge amount initially, as it helps finance monthly payments.

Refine your search to find the vehicle you are looking for

Pro Tip: Always use the Filter option in your Search before you can choose which model of car to purchase.

Call Now For Pre-Qualification Info

You may be lost for choice among the numerous models we trade.

You can also choose to visit our dealership to have an experience with the cars we offer. Be sure to meet us during work hours for optimal convenience.

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Premier Car Dealer in Phoenix

Our staff of technicians will be more than ready to answer any questions you have about our various vehicles or car models.

However, we advise and encourage our customers to always complete their car search online to ease the whole process.

Chevrolet Auto Service and Repair in Phoenix, AZ, Near Chandler

If you’re in AZ or any place near Chandler and would love a Chevrolet Auto Service dealer, we are happy to announce that we offer that service.

Contact us today, and we’ll give you all the information you need to know.

What Do I Need to Know Before Approaching a Car Dealer in AZ?

You need to do some research!

Yes, it’s crucial to have all the information you can get about a lease company beforehand. Look at the programs and services they offer on their website, and be on the lookout for any suspicious details.

Check out their Terms and Conditions to see if they’re legitimate.

Only contact a respectable dealer in AZ, and that dealer is most probably one with the most reasonable car offers.

Online Car Purchase in AZ

Online Car purchase in Arizona

You can apply for a car purchase from anywhere around Arizona. Our website offers a form where you fill out some information, and voila!

Can I get Online Car Financing in AZ?

Yes! The Titan Auto Group offers bad credit auto loans online, and you’ll drive a new vehicle home as soon as you’re eligible to qualify for an auto loan.

What Places Does The Titan Auto Group Operate?

These are the places we serve: Las Vegas Metro Area, Nevada Los Angeles Metro Area, California Orange County, California

How Will I Receive a Car That I Ordered Online in AZ?

After the completion date of your car financing process, you’ll be sure to receive your vehicle in 5 – 10 business days.


Two days before receiving your vehicle, our transporter will call you to provide the location of your desired shipping destination.

After that, you’ll have a 200-mile mileage warranty to return the car if you don’t like it.

Registering and signing the vehicle is done later so you can get your license plate. Once the paperwork hits your mailbox, kindly put your signature and mail it back before 4 days are over!