Car Lots That Finance: Where Your Financing Dealership Problems Resolved

Car Lots That Finance: Where Your Financing Dealership Problems Resolved

If you are in the market for a new car but do not have enough money to pay for the car in cash upfront, do not give up on your car dreams! Many car buyers find their dream cars through car lots that finance. The financing process could be your key to finally owning your dream car.

As you research car financing, you will come across different lenders. Your choices include credit unions, banks, online lenders, and car dealerships. There are advantages and shortcomings to picking either of these lenders.

Many borrowers have enjoyed multiple benefits from car lot financing options, making it stand out from traditional options. If you find a car dealership with favorable rates, a good reputation, and excellent services, you will drive off the lot with a great car.


Car Lots That Finance

Arizona has some of the best car lot auto financing in the country. Titan Auto Group is among the top Arizona buy here, pay here dealerships. We offer financing for used cars to all clients, including those with bad credit.

You never have to deal with an outside lender again with Titan’s no-fighting vehicle financing process. Learn more about our dealership financing process below.

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How Does Dealership Financing Work?

How Does Dealership Financing Work

Dealer financing is a type of auto loan originated by the retailer to its customer, then sold to a bank or another third-party financial institution. It is also called in house financing, or buy here, pay here. The financial institution buys the loans at a discount and then collects the principal and monthly payments from the borrower.

When buyers find a car they like at a dealership, they apply for a loan within the same dealership. If approved, they get the loan and use it to finance the car.

Dealerships provide auto loans, differentiating them from banks and credit unions, which can provide personal finance that the borrower can use to purchase what they want, including a vehicle.

By offering loans at the dealership, the auto retailer can help potential buyers to get the vehicle and secure financing faster and easier. The dealer forwards the customers’ information to the financial institutions, which take over payment.

Car lots that finance offer multiple advantages and are ideal for different buyers and borrowers. If you are worried it is not a fit for you, learn below who it is best for.

Who Should Get A Car Lot Auto Loan?


You can get an auto loan from a bank or credit union. However, these loans are not always available to every borrower. If you are wondering whether to get car financing from a car lot, consider the following:

You need car financing quickly

Cars are essential for running errands and moving around conveniently. So, it is not uncommon to find buyers who need a vehicle in a hurry. Perhaps you just got a job on the other side of town and need a car for easy commuting.

Whatever the reason, you could benefit from 500 car lot to 1000 credit auto loans since they go through quickly. Titan Auto Group’s process is fast and efficient. You can get prequalified in a few minutes, shop for a car, and apply for the loan all within the same day.

You will receive the amount once you contribute the down payment and then be on your way with the car of your choice. So, if time is of the essence in your unique situation, trust Titan Auto Group to get you your dream car in a hurry.

You have a bad credit score


Credit approval is a key step in getting auto financing. Many banks, credit unions, and even online lenders rely on your credit score to give you a car loan with a favorable interest rate.

Most traditional institutions deny loan applications if your credit score is below their minimum requirement or you have no credit history.

Car lots that finance, however, have more comprehensive eligibility criteria that allow people with bad or poor credit to access affordable loans.

Titan Auto Group works with every kind of borrower, including those with bad credit. No credit is not a problem for us either. So you can skip the credit application and instead start shopping for your dream used car.

You have been rejected for traditional auto financing

auto financing

Besides credit score, there are many other reasons why a traditional lender could deny your loan application.

Some deny loans if you have a recent history of bankruptcy, your debt-to-income ratio is high, or you have an inconsistent employment history.

Car lots that finance are the smart financing decision if you are denied loans for these or other reasons. Dealers provide good financing terms for people who do not have access to traditional loans.

Titan Auto Group offers inclusive requirements to help buyers with limited financing options get their dream car.

Benefits of Our Dealership Car Financing


You should work with Titan Auto Group for a high-quality used car and affordable loan for several reasons, including:


One of the primary benefits of working with Titan Auto Group is the convenience we offer. You do not have to find a lender that works for you. Instead, you just need to check our inventory for an ideal car, and we will handle the paperwork.

In addition, you can complete the financing application and prequalification from the comfort of your home. Our website allows swift online shopping for cars and loans. We will process you from start to end, even with vehicle delivery to a predetermined location.

Longer Loan Terms


On top of helping you save time, we can offer longer loan terms. They would be advantageous depending on your situation or the type of vehicle you want. Longer loan terms help you purchase a higher-priced car with a lower monthly payment.

Your low monthly payments will be easier to manage, meaning your credit score will not suffer since you can make payments on time. Check out the competitive rates, then learn more about our terms.

Easier Qualification

Before you can consider our finance application, we bet you are wondering what our qualification requirements are like. Well, first things first, a bad credit score is not a problem. We specialize in working with any and all customers to find the perfect car, no matter their credit history.

Our requirements are more comprehensive to cater to people with credit issues or a history that would make traditional lenders refuse or increase the price of the loan. You can contact us to learn more about our inclusive requirements for free.

No Hidden Fees


One of the top dealership financing faqs we get is how much it will cost. Considering the overall cost, not just the loan and interest, is important. Some dealers sneak additional fees into the contract, leading to unexpected costs in the long run.

We strive to remain transparent from the get-go. So, there will be no unexpected surprises down the line. We lay all the costs on the table so you understand exactly what you are getting into.

Faster Process


You will not have to chase that car loan for too long when you work with Titan Auto Group. Instead, enjoy the convenience of shopping and obtaining approval quickly.

Once you identify the desired car, you can fill out the paperwork, make the down payment, and you will receive the vehicle.

So, if you need a vehicle in a hurry, contact us with the details, and we will help you get your dream car as fast as possible.

Test Drive

Everyone loves a good test drive. Most people need to test drive before purchasing a vehicle. With Titan Auto Group, you have the choice of arranging for a test drive. You can click the ‘Schedule Test Drive’ button on your desired car as you browse our inventory.

Titan Auto Group Makes Your Dreams A Reality

Titan Auto Group is one of the best car lots that finance in Arizona. In addition, we have high-quality used vehicles. Our no-fighting car loans get you on the road quickly and affordably. High chances are you are eligible for our car loans, so call us to inquire about your desired vehicle.

Titan Auto Group Makes Your Dreams A Reality